Bob Forrest

Our Philosophy

"I want to treat addicts with dignity, love and compassion. I'm going to be honest with them. I'm not going to be mad at them if they don't like what I'm trying to help them accomplish. If they fail or stumble or are defiant, I'm not going to get into arguments with them. I just want to love, help, encourage, nurture and steer people in a more positive direction of life."

-Bob Forrest

Our Locations

Bob's House Malibu

A beautiful Spanish-style mansion situated on a one-acre estate. The gated property includes a private path to the most exclusive, most beautiful private beach in Southern California. Palm trees line the stamped concrete pool deck and barbecue area. A professional north-south tennis court is available to all our guests, along with lessons from local tennis pros. The Great Room boasts 20-foot ceilings and a beautiful fireplace. A professional chef’s kitchen and dining area is at the heart of the home, where warm, home cooked meals are shared around a big family table.

Bob's House Malibu

Bob's House Zuma Beach

Located about four miles north on the Pacific Coast Highway. There are four beds available at this house that cost less than half of the least expensive beds at Bob's House Malibu, for clients who would otherwise have to leave Malibu to find affordable sober living facilities. Perched just above the PCH, this charming beach house boasts a 180-degree ocean view, and breath-taking sunsets every evening. Located on seven acres, this property is located within walking distance of a brand-new shopping center with an Erewhon Natural Foods Store, Starbucks and other cafes, Broad Beach and Zuma Beach, and endless hiking trails.

Bob's House Zuma Beach


Anthony Kedis

He's one of the best friends I'll ever have. He was like the least likely person to become the Phoenix who rises from, you know, a pile of s#%t. But he has completely risen.

-- Anthony Kiedis


Bob is a true friend. He's my true friend. I know I can call Bob, no matter what I'm going through, and I can call him and talk about it. And I don't ever have to worry about being judged, or being scared of making myself feel vulnerable. He's my true friend. He always will be. I love him.

-- Flea

John Frusciante

I have a lot of respect for who he's turned himself into. It's been a long road, and hasn't been glamorous.

-- John Frusciante

Buddy Arnold

Bob has been of service since day one. Since just about when he got clean. There are so many musicians, especially in this town, who say they owe their lives to Bob Forrest.

-- Buddy Arnold, Musicians Assistance Program, Founder (1926-2003)

Courtney Love

Well, he's given up his life ... He's a giving, giving, good soul. You have no idea now many times he's helped my family. You know he's really, really sacrificed a lot for this. And it's really poignant, because he's given up any glory to deal with really traumatized people.

-- Courtney Love

Steven Adler

Bob has a way of speaking to somebody with respect and love. He had been supporting me and helping me, and giving me so many chances to get myself together. I'm not going to say there wasn't relapses, because there was. But what Bob explained to me very basically is, that's a part of getting sober. It's just gonna happen.

-- Steven Adler, drummer from Guns 'n Roses

Dr. Drew

Basically I just told him, come work for me, please. Please. I could see the talent. I could see what he had to offer. When somebody has what he has, it's obvious. And I brought him down here, immediately threw him into the mix. I was anxious to have him as involved as we could possibly have him, because important people on a chemical dependency team really create the ethos and the feel and the functioning of the unit. So I wanted him to be that guy.

I watched his development from someone who had a very solid program of recovery, someone who was just trying to be of assistance, to someone who has a very sophisticated understanding of the complexities of neurobiological, psychiatric, and addiction elements of this disease.

-- Dr. Drew Pinsky